Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Maybelline–’The Turbo Express’ mascara review!

Hey guys!

Recently I tried out a new mascara from Maybelline called ‘The Turbo Express’ (waterproof)

I purchased it because I was looking for a good waterproof mascara, that would make my lashes stand out and not require lots of applications.

2013-09-06 15.40.23

I do think that a girl needs a set of mascaras for different occasions. For example, I wouldn't use a waterproof mascara everyday because it can be quite difficult to take off I find.

I would use this Maybelline mascara for events, nights out and rainy days! The times when I don’t want to get panda eyes!

2013-09-25 14.30.41-2

As you can see in the above picture, it extends your eyelashes and goes on easily. My only issue is that it can get clumpy. I deliberately left it in this photo so you guys can see what I mean.

I normally use a clean mascara wand to brush out the clumps.

This brand is also waterproof, and it does last I can tell you that! Even after showering I will have to use makeup wipes!

Overall I do like this product, and I would buy Maybelline again. Maybe not this particular mascara, but for $20 I am a happy shopper!

Jess x

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