Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cheap date ideas!

Hey guys! 

Dating can be nerve wracking, and if you are in a relationship, it can sometimes be a mission to come up with something for date night! 

So, here are some ideas for a cheap date night! 

Get takeout, go to the beach and eat your dinner in your car! Super cute, minimal effort and also lovely because not only do you get fed, but you get to admire the beach! 

Play a game of pool! I personally love this one, even though I am so, so crap at it. Playing pool is extremo cheap. Grab a few drinks, and try and kick his butt! 

Create a den! Set up camp in the living room, make it cosy, string some fairy lights and snuggle watching a movie. (Don't do this if you live in shared accommodation because they may get annoyed)

An idea I recently saw on, was the $5 dinner date! Check out her blog post here

If you have any more date ideas, let me know! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day x


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