Monday, 9 December 2013

Stupid holidays and life choices

You may as well start calling me the Grinch, or Scrooge. Whichever you like really, take your pick! 

As far as I am concerned, Christmas should not happen this year. I am just not feeling it. Christmas is literally around the corner, and I am not excited, I have no inclination to be festive or to get into the holiday spirit.To be honest,  if I had the choice I would pass on Christmas this year, in fact I would pass on New Years and also my birthday. I just cannot be arsed. The effort, the stress, the weight gain. Pointless. Why not forget it all exists and just relax. 

This year will be the first year that I am working straight through the holiday season. I know it sounds spoilt, but I really am quite dissapointed about the whole thing. I think its because not only is it Christmas, and then NYs, but it is also my birthday. I was the child that wished my parents reproduced a little bit later than they did, because having my birthday at the very beginning of Jan sucks. Mum and Dad, if you are reading this, July would of been a better choice. Just sayin'. 

And I will be turning 21. This is the year I really need to sort my shit out. And it scares me! I will have to be an adult, and make proper decisions instead of silly ones here and there! I need to focus, and direct my life so that I have some kind of future, and I dont want to. What I want, is for someone to magically fix it for me. Someone to pay off all of my debt, to buy me a house, to finish my degree and do all of lifes boring things. Whilst I sit in Hawaii drinking Malibu and coke. (I think I am still a little bitter about not receiving my Hogwarts letter) 

I just feel exceptionally mediocre. Life is just average at the moment, nothing seems to be working or going how I want it to go. All I want to do is curl up and hibernate till this passes. I wish I could do something that I loved, and I wish I could have an amazing career instantly. I think this is where you go, ' You can, you just have to work hard!'. Yes well I don't want to work hard thank you very much. I work hard every day, and its not getting me anywhere. 

However, if you are feeling  like me, rather average and just a bit over life, treat yourself! A good friend told me the importance of treating yourself and I honestly feel like this is the best advice ever. We need to treat ourselves, WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY! If you don't treat yourself, what do you have to look forward to? This doesnt mean eating all the poptarts in the house whilst watching Harry Potter. That is not treating yourself, just an FYI. 

Apologies for the rambly post, but thanks for reading!

Jess xx 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Poptarts and Harry Potter

Guys, I don't want to be an adult anymore. I am currently lying in bed, munching away at a pop tart and ice cream combo, whilst watching Harry Potter, and I cant help but wish that this was my life everyday. 

This past week has just been one of those weeks I wish I was a kid. So many stresses, and I just don't want to deal with any of it. I would love to have a little tantrum, throw all of my toys and have a nap. 

I was catapulted into the adult world when I was a teen, and for any young teenagers out there who think that being a grown up is totes the most amazeball thing ever (Yes I am down with young-un lingo) THINK AGAIN. When you have excruciating tooth pain, how will you pay for it? When your phone breaks, how you gonna get a new one? Are you going to pay for your own internet? What about rent? And food? 

Yes I can legally drink myself silly, and yes I can go clubbing. But trust me, its gets old fast. You wake up one day, and suddenly getting drunk off your tits just isn't as appealing as it was, and clubbing becomes too noisy. Before you know it you will be in bed on a Saturday night, at 7pm. planning tomorrows nights tea.

So, rant aside. IT IS DECEMBER GUYS! So so close to Christmas time! I will be posting Christmas themed blog posts in the upcoming days so stay tuned, and don't eat all of you advent calender chocolate in one day. Trust me, its not worth it. 

Lots of love 
Jess x

Friday, 29 November 2013

Wobbly bits and Pineapple lumps

Skinny, slim, slender, fit, hot, beautiful. That is what society determines beauty to be..

In order to be pretty, you need to be a certain weight. Well sorry society, but I disagree. I believe if you are confident and happy, then who gives a flying f*ck if you ate an entire tub of ice cream last night.

People are so focused on the ‘perfect’ body, and it is downright unhealthy. Torturing yourself day in and day out, not eating one single carb, drinking a million litres of water, starving yourself, it is pointless! At the end of the day live your lives. You only have the one, and why not enjoy yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love food, there is no denying it. I love pineapple lumps, and reeses pieces, and cookie dough… *drools*. HOWEVER. Moderation people! I allow myself treats and treat days, but I do balance it with good stuff.  I am not advocating a completely unhealthy lifestyle, because you will feel worse for wear. Your body needs vitamins, irons and all that jazz. I just wanted to let you know, that it is okay to be a bit wobbly. I am not a skinny person, and of course I have days where I wish I was a bit firmer. But my wobbly bits are what makes me, me! Embrace your wobbly bits, Love your cellulite, and indulge! People love you for who you are as a person, not for your thigh gap.

So enjoy your weekend, eat and be jolly, and if anyone says anything about it, eat them too.

P.S if you haven't tried Pineapple lumps you need to. Amazeballs. 

Jess x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hair Rollers

Dear Women of the internet. 

You need hair rollers in your life. 

I discovered hair roller whilst on my travels, and I have not looked back since! 
I have longish hair (Its right on my nips), and because I am slightly lazy, my hair would often just be in a messy bun. 

So, rollers are PERFECT. Al you need to do is put them in and go about your normal business! Take them out, and voluminous, amazing hair!

I have two types, the sleep-in ones, and the normal ones. 

I prefer the sleep-in ones. Have a look here

I am not here to do a tutorial, not yet anyways. But just to let you know about the goodness that is rollers.

In Liverpool, girls walking down the street in their pjamas and rollers is considered the norm. And I wish NZ was the same! When I was in the UK, I walked down to Tescos in my rollers, did my shop and wandered back. NO-ONE BATTED AN EYE. I looked like a poodle. Nobody cared!
Few snaps of my rollers - purchased from Primark

Thanks for reading x

Monday, 11 November 2013

The Remington Salon Pro, Tribal Tong

'The Remington Salon Pro, Tribal Tong' is a tool that you all need. Trust me.  

It is  SO easy to use, and it doesn't take long to do. It actually takes me longer to straighten my hair! 

The tong creates effortless curls, and you can style so many different ways! From tight ringlets, to beachy waves. 

I also found that the curls don't drop much. In fact, if I don't wash my hair and keep it dry, it's still curly the next day! 

Highly recommend any curling tong like this. I used to hate curling my hair with a tong because I would get a clamp kink! But not anymore!

Thanks for reading x

Friday, 8 November 2013

Tanning time!

Hey guys!

It is summer time here in NZ, and everyone around me seems to be getting their tan on...
Apart from me and my white English skin. However! I have found an amazing product that is not making me look like an orange oompa lumpa, and instead a tanned goddess! 

Introducing... *drum roll please*,  the 'Dove Summer Glow' nourishing lotion. 

This product has such an amazing smell, and a great feel, you will feel so silky smooth afterwards. 

I really love this product as I have such a big fear of a fake tan gone wrong.

The lotion is a gradual tan, and therefore 'enhances your natural skin tone', No major orange streaks!

You can apply whenever, but it is recommended to apply after a shower. I get impatient waiting for it to soak in, so I hairdryer myself. Handy tip!

Please please please WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER USE. I didnt the first time, and I had orange hands for a while...

Thanks for reading! x

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dip Dye/Ombre hair - Ginger to Blonde


A few weeks ago I attempted to 'dip dye' my hair blonde. My hair is naturally red, auburn, strawberry blonde, ginger, and so the dye didn't take to my hair very well. So this was my second attempt! 

I used the same dye as my first attempt. I really liked this dye because it was a lightener one, and lightens your natural hair color. As this is the first time I have ever dyed my hair, I felt a lot more secure knowing this!  

This is what is in the kit. Conditioner, gloves, powder stuff, creamy stuff, bottle thing and leaflet! As you can see I put towels everywhere, you do not want to get this stuff on anything because it will bleach and ruin. 

I dont know how well you can see it here, but I got the hair dye on my skin. And there went my fake tan...
Also please be careful if you have sensitive skin! My sister did my hair the first time, and because she has sensitve skin it burnt like a bitch when she accidently got it on her. 

Alright, so as you can see here I have wrapped a towel around myself and I am waiting the required 30mins. However, I waited for 50mins and also hairdryed my hair. This is purely because my Mama told me to do it. 

AND there you have it! The finished result. I curled my hair so there was some movement, and I used the 'Remington Tribal Tong'. (Thanks Missy!)

Before and after shots. I know the mirror is dirrrrrty but shush. 

Before and after shots :) 

A few tips for ombre or dip dying hair

  • Its okay to apply the dye messy, you need to to create this effect. One really good way to do this is to tinfoil sections of your hair, just so you don't go to high. It gives you a guideline. 
  • Once the 30 mins is up, scrape some of the dye of the ends of your hair to see the color. 
  • Don't wash your hair for 24 hours after, this allows your hairs natural oils to set the color. 
  • It is a good idea to not wash your hair for 24 hours before as well, because otherwise the color might slip right off! I kid I kid, but you get what I mean. 
  • After care is extremely important!!! In the kit I used, there was a conditioning packet specifically for blonde hair color. It recommended leaving it on for 3 mins, but I left mine on for 10. Your hair is going to be super dry, so get some kind of hair mask to pamper yourself with! You can also get color protecting shampoo and conditioner etc, I will do a blog post at a later date about how to care for dyed hair. 

Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

England trip '13

I was born and raised in England until I was 10yrs old. Then my parents made the decision to move to New Zealand. I am now 20yrs old, and in October I went back home for the first time.

The main reason for the trip was my grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary and we were there for 2 weeks! My trip consisted of a lot of eating, drinking and catching up with everyone! Cheesy chips made a regular appearance as did blue wickeds..

The party itself was insane. My grandparents know how to party! It was such a wonderful feeling to have family right there, something that you guys may not understand unless you have moved away from yours. 

The trip was amazing, and I have such fond memories. Thank you to my entire family for making me feel so loved and welcome, and thank you to my amazing friends that have stayed in touch with me for the past 10 years. I had the most amazing time and I cannot wait to travel some more! 

Here are a few snippets of my trip x

Off for lunch with my Dad. The streets fascinated me and I loved how everything was within walking distance almost!
Shopping in Primarni! Love the Christmas jumpers!
Oooh yeah! Asda!  
The Queen in Liverpool
The 'Three Graces', and also typical English weather!
A Pirate ship!
Matthew Street in Liverpool, where the Beatles where first discovered. 
Aaaah cheesy chips! This photo makes me drool...
A proper taxi!
Matthew Street
My Nanna and I, off to go to her 50th Wedding Anniversary party! The flash makes me look like Voldemort, but this photo means to much to me to not share!
Whilst I was there I got a tattoo :)
Alcohol, cakes, chocolate, and bingo. Summary of my England trip in one photo
My old house! Ah trips down memory lane
My Kindergarten!
Aaaand of course, the Disney shop. 

Fitness and stuff!

Hey guys!

It is summer in NZ! 
 And I do not have a summer body yet. HOWEVER, I have formulated a plan! 

I don't know about you, but I spend quite a bit of time on YouTube. 

Recently I discovered a channel called - Fitness Blender

Why spend money on a gym membership, when you can chill on YouTube, and workout? 

Go and subscribe to these guys right now. This channel is perfect! 

The videos are easy to watch, and easy to do! I tend to do them in the front room, or even in my bedroom! 


Monday, 4 November 2013

The 'Mrs Carter Show' World Tour - NZ

Hello everyone! 

Recently Beyonce came to New Zealand, to perform her 'Mrs Carter Show' World tour. Here are a few snippets of the evening. 

(Mumma and I, off to see Queen Bey!)
(The Vector Arena, So busy!)
(Stan Walker, the opening act)
(Queen Bey!)
(So Fierce)
('Les Twins', amazing dancers!)
(So close!)
(Dat ass..)
(Glitter Rain!)
(Surreal, just as perfect as you would of thought)

(Outfit for the night - Dress is from Kmart)

By far, the best concert I have ever been too. Beyonce was AMAZING live. The whole show was outstanding. Love love love her. 

Thanks for reading x