Monday, 23 September 2013

How to introduce yourself to family you haven't seen in 10yrs!

Ten years ago I traveled through the skies and across the oceans to arrive in NZ all the way from the UK. 

In 5 days, I am going back on that adventure and visiting family for two weeks. Now, Skype has played a huge part in keeping in touch with family on my Mums side.

However Dads side of the family, I have barely spoken to since we left. 

To avoid any awkwardness I have created a few introductions for myself.
  1. Oh hi there, Glad to see you're not dead yet! 
  2. Hello, I'm your grandmother. Surprise. Moisturizer works wonders, don't ya think?
  3. Yep, NZ has a lot of beaches, and wildlife, yep tigers, definitely tigers. 
  4. Oh you dyed your hair! Looks great. 
  5. So your that cousin... 
As long as I have these up my sleeve, I think I shall successfully avoid any awkward conversations! 

If you have any more tips, let me know! 
Jessy x

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