Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to pack for an overseas trip!

This weekend I will be on a plane to the UK! 

Exciting and incredibly nerve wracking! This is such a step outside of my comfort zone, and even though the nerves in me make me want it cancel the whole thing, I have decided to go ahead with full force! 

Now, I hate packing. I normally take everything including the kitchen sink, but I have weight limits for this trip so need to pack wisely! So I have formulated a plan! 

How to pack for an overseas trip! 

1. Make a list! Break up your list into subheadings with things like underwear, pajamas, daytime clothes, night time/party wear etc etc. 

2. Pack according to how long you are going for. For example I am going for two weeks. But I shall pack one weeks worth of outfits and just do a quick wash for the next week! This means that my bag will be light and I can pack in all my shopping on the way back!! 

3. Get separators for your suitcase. Put things into bags and label people label! This way you can find everything and no stress! Woo! 

4. Where all the heavy things. Therefore your bag will be light and you can bring more things home! 
Yes, you may be wearing 5 jumpers and 3 pairs of jeans BUT bigger picture people!

5. You can buy cute transparent bottle from places like Kmart or even online. These would be perfect for any lotions, shampoos or body washes etc etc! 

I also found a very cool app that you may find handy if you are in the same predicament as me! 
Its called 'Packing Pro' and you can get it from the Apple store! 

Let me know how you pack for a trip! 

Jessy x 

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