Thursday, 12 September 2013

Clinique Lipstick review!

Hello lovely people of the world wide web. 

I have recently harbored a new found love for lipsticks! *crowd cheers* 

I avoided lipsticks for a very long time, mainly because I thought I looked ridiculous. Little did I know, this was because I was wearing all the wrong colors for my pale, freckly face. 

For Christmas last year, my Nan sent me this. This is a Clinque lipstick, in number 19, extreme pink. 

Extreme sounds kind of scary, don't you think? I must admit I felt like a risk taker, wearing 'extreme' lipstick!

Look at the lovely mint colored casing!

Now I am well aware that the next picture makes it look like I have been eating it, and I would like to assure you, this is not the case. 

Beautiful extreme pink!
First of all, I love the Clinque brand. It is amazing. Every single product I have used from them, whether it is lipstick, moisturizer, or mascara, I have love love LOVED it. 

It applied easily, it did not crack, and it lasts. 
Now it did not last for the whole day, but a decent amount of time. 
The easy application made it so simple to shape and frame my lips without any smudging, and the color is perfect for day AND night wear. 

Also, occasionally I smear it on my cheeks, rub it in, and cover slightly with powder. Perfect blusher, that lasts. I know this may not be a beauty school technique, but it is something a friend showed me and I highly reccomend trying it. Obviously, not with a bright pink or red highlighter lipstick! It really depends on what shade you have, and whether it matches your blusher or not! 

Now that I am on a roll with my lipstick testing, let me know what brands or colors to try! 

Have a good weekend folks! 


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