Monday, 16 September 2013

Clinque Lipstick Palette review

Hello Lovelies! 

Aaaaaaand I am back with another Clinque lipstick review. 

The Butter Shine Lipstick pallete, with 'Pink-a-boo', 'Rosalita', 'Rasberry Rush' and 'Cranberry Cream'. 

Oooh tasty! 

(From L to R)  Pink-a-boo', 'Rosalita', 'Raspberry Rush', 'Cranberry Cream'. 

This palette is more like a lip gloss palette than a lipstick. 

The wear is not as long as an actual lipstick, and the colors are light and glossy. 

Looks lovely as a lip gloss and occasionally I may team the light one over a darker lipstick. 

This is perfect for subtle day wear! You could wear this for work, or even school! 

It comes with a little applicator brush, however do be warned, it gets messy. I deliberately left it messy in the middle picture so you guys could see what can happen. 
Needs a regular clean with a cotton bud to make the surface smooth-tastic! 

I do find it difficult to define my cupids bow, and using this applicator was amazing! 

Perfect for the handbag and when you need a quick make-up pick me up! 

Jessy xx

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