Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How to stress less!

Hey guys! 

In a few weeks I will be heading to the UK to visit my family! 

Yes it is very exciting!!
Yes it is going to be amazing! 

BUT. I am also very stressed and nervous. 
So this is a post, to just let you know about the different ways I combat stress. 

My Stress Weapons

To do lists! 
To do lists are my go to weapon when I am stressed out of my brains. I find that putting everything on paper, organising the chaos in my head, works amazingly. All of a sudden, I know what I need to do first, and how I am going to approach it.

I am a huge advocate for walking off your stress. Take 20mins of of your day to go for a wander! Get some fresh air and I promise you, you will feel tons better.

Nap, but nap quickly. If everything is getting just a bit too much, and you feel exhausted and totally drained. Have a power nap, 10mins of quiet time works wonders. 

Weapons to NOT use 

DO NOT raid the fridge. This will not make you feel better or less stressed. It will make you feel fat and worse.

Binge Drinking. 
Just don't. No need. Pointless. End of.

Self harm
Once again, no need. Pointless. What will self harm accomplish in the long run? Nothing.

If you are feeling incredibly overwhelmed, or stressed, tell someone! Have a good chat to a close friend or family member. It is not good to bottle things up. When you bottle things up, and you shake that bottle, that bottle will explode everywhere, causing a mess you do not want to clean up.

A few good sites!

'A Thrifty Mrs' has a great blog post on free planners which are awesome and also freee! Check it out here

Download the app, 'Unstuck'. Such an amazing app, and I highly recommend this for everyone! It basically helps you nut down you problem and point you in the right direction. Check out their Tumblr here!

Let me know what you use to combat stress!

Jessy x

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