Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Body scrub

Hello everyone! 

I present to you... *drum roll* .... The brown sugar, honey and lemon juice SCRUB! 

This is a very easy and cheap thing to do. It consists of 3 ingredients, and if you don't know what they are, leave now. 

So! Melt the honey, mix it in, chuck in some lemon juice if you feel like it aaaaaand bam. There you have it. 

This is so perfect for me because a) I'm shit at making things AND b) it required next to no effort. Purrrfect. 

I used this baby in the shower last night, and I am as smooth as a baby's bum, I also smell amazing. Go on smell me. 

Also, the other half uses a lot of glue and other crap at his job (it's dirrrty job hehehe - I kid he is a floor person layer thing) and I forced him to try it out, it cleaned his hands better than soap. So it has multiple uses for everyone in the fam! 

Note: use this as a facial, full body and lip scrub. But don't scrub too hard err down there. I take no responsibility for any injuries caused. 

Jess x

Friday, 23 August 2013

Tough day

Aloha everyone!

This morning everything fell to bits for me. My phone refuses to charge, my computer is having a fit, I slipped over and grazed my hand, and then my makeup brush broke. Least to say, I am over today.

However I wanted to look at the positive things, and all the things I am grateful for.

So here goes! (sorry its another list!)
  • I am grateful for my other half. The past 6 weeks have been financially difficult for me. As some of you may know, I started University which has been amazing. Only issue is that my study link allowance and loan have not been accepted yet, all because I am an immigrant. I also haven't been able to get a job (I have one now though!), so I am so grateful and so damn lucky I have him. I honestly don't know what I would of done, in fact I probably would of left Uni and gone back to working, so thank you! 
  • I am so so so grateful for my family, they are so supportive and loving. I honestly do not know where I would be without them. Probably in a mental asylum... 
  • I am so happy its nearly summer. Summer makes me so happy! 
  • I am happy I have two weeks off! Wooohooo! 
  • My lovely friends, Chantelle you are my rock. 
  • I have a car! Some people don't have that!
  • I have a roof over my head and food to eat, cheesy I know, but so true. 
  • I am grateful that there is chocolate sitting in the fridge at home 
  • I am grateful that there is wine sitting in the fridge at home 
  • I am so happy I have a caring doggy who gives me morning cuddles every single day
  • I am so happy I am alive and kicking! :) 

I honestly think that no matter what you are going through its always important to look at the silver linings, the little things that make you smile. And remember that everything passes, good or bad, it all passes. 

Lots of love 
Jess xoxox 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Banana, Peanut butter and Chocolate bites!

This morning Mother Nature said Hello. So in between the cramps and grumpiness, I remembered that bananas were great period food, and chocolate is a go to obviously.

Sooooo I made these banana,peanut butter and chocolate bites!

Here is the actual link -

So err mine did not turn out anything like this BUT its whats on the inside that counts! I cannot cook, it was a disaster, I'm not gonna lie. I burnt the chocolate whilst melting it, turning into this crumbly weird mush. I then melted another bar in the microwave, and whilst 'dipping' it in chocolate got everywhere. General mess. However I can guarantee yummyness.

Just an FYI, I ran out of chocolate (One dollop for the banana, one dollop for me) SO I used the peanut butter and honey syrup to coat the rest. Still yummy!

Yummy! And kinda healthy? Maybe... But still yum! xx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Peanut butter & honey ice cream syrup!

This is amazing! Peanut butter and honey syrup, a healthier alternative to other ice cream syrups! 

  • Put 1 teaspoon of peanut butter and honey into a mug
  • heat in microwave for 30 secs
  • stir and enjoy!

I have such a sweet tooth and I am also lazy, so this works perfectly for me. 

Let me know what you think! x

Hello world!

Me me meeeee!

Hello World! This is my first blog ever, and I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

To start off, here are 10 things about me.

1. I am 20yrs old

2. I live in NZ, but I am British

3. I am slightly crazy, and I have an even crazier best friend, Chantelle

4. I love peanut butter and chocolate, like holy amazeballs you have no idea

5. I cannot cook, not to save my life.

6. I am the eldest of 5, and my youngest sister is 5

7. I love love love performing arts, musicals, theatre, any kind of art, you name it, I love it.

8. I am a natural redhead, yes the carpet matches the drapes

9. I have a dog called Alf Stewart...

10. I was destined to go to Hogwarts but my letter did not arrive

So that is me! Stay tuned for more posts

Jessy xxx