Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Body scrub

Hello everyone! 

I present to you... *drum roll* .... The brown sugar, honey and lemon juice SCRUB! 

This is a very easy and cheap thing to do. It consists of 3 ingredients, and if you don't know what they are, leave now. 

So! Melt the honey, mix it in, chuck in some lemon juice if you feel like it aaaaaand bam. There you have it. 

This is so perfect for me because a) I'm shit at making things AND b) it required next to no effort. Purrrfect. 

I used this baby in the shower last night, and I am as smooth as a baby's bum, I also smell amazing. Go on smell me. 

Also, the other half uses a lot of glue and other crap at his job (it's dirrrty job hehehe - I kid he is a floor person layer thing) and I forced him to try it out, it cleaned his hands better than soap. So it has multiple uses for everyone in the fam! 

Note: use this as a facial, full body and lip scrub. But don't scrub too hard err down there. I take no responsibility for any injuries caused. 

Jess x

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