Thursday, 22 August 2013

Banana, Peanut butter and Chocolate bites!

This morning Mother Nature said Hello. So in between the cramps and grumpiness, I remembered that bananas were great period food, and chocolate is a go to obviously.

Sooooo I made these banana,peanut butter and chocolate bites!

Here is the actual link -

So err mine did not turn out anything like this BUT its whats on the inside that counts! I cannot cook, it was a disaster, I'm not gonna lie. I burnt the chocolate whilst melting it, turning into this crumbly weird mush. I then melted another bar in the microwave, and whilst 'dipping' it in chocolate got everywhere. General mess. However I can guarantee yummyness.

Just an FYI, I ran out of chocolate (One dollop for the banana, one dollop for me) SO I used the peanut butter and honey syrup to coat the rest. Still yummy!

Yummy! And kinda healthy? Maybe... But still yum! xx