Monday, 27 January 2014


Internet world, I must apologize. I have been slack in the blogging department of my life, and completely pushed aside my blogging resolutions for 2014. *slaps self on the hand*

Sometimes we get into a slump, and to quote the words of Dr Seus, 'Unslumping yourself is not easily done'.

For the past few weeks, I have wandered into a slump, and as I obviously don't carry a map book and there is no data signal for my cellphone in this particular slump, I got lost. And stuck. Don't fret though, as I managed to see past the hazy horizon of my slump, and catch a glimpse of what may lie ahead.

I wanted to write this post, to tell you all to get out of your slumps, or at least make a conscious effort too. Sometimes we can get stuck, and sometimes we can wallow in self pity and genuinely think that NOBODY understands or has been through this themselves. Instead of drifting into that negative zone, try jumping into the positive zone, and remember that everything happens for a reason. Yes, you may not know the reason straight away, but I can guarantee you will find a reason one day.

So drag yourself out of bed, eat something nice and healthy, and get on with your day. Make a plan, a to do list or whatever floats your boat. But get something underway, and have something to look forward.

Over and out.

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