Friday, 10 January 2014

Christmas, alcohol and future plans!

I dont know about you guys but the fact that we are 11 days into 2014 scares me slightly! We are speeding ahead, and if you blink you may get left behind! 

Christmas was a few weeks ago now, but here are some snaps of my day! 

Foooooooooooooooood, so much food. omnomnomnom

Hammock selfies. Sah good. 

Compulsory alcohol consumption. 

My sister and her priorities. 

Arts and crafts! 

Santa came and left his load all around the tree! *cries with laughter at own crappy joke*

Exhausted, twas a long day

Princess Alexandra and her double present!

#naturalbeauty #nomakeup #nofilter #models #justwokeup #skinnyminny

Now for the exciting part! 

About a million and one years ago, when my sister and I were just kids, we created a tradition. And I am proud to say it is still around today! 

The spoilt child audit - to be completed once all Christmas presents are opened and all on your bed. 

Rules - Each item must be photographed, whether this is one group photo or individually. All items must be within the frame and visible. 

If you cannot document via photos, then a list will do.
  ~side note, I still have my spoilt child audit list from when I was 7~ 

So internet lovers, I am telling you about this for two reasons. 

1. To let you know about all of the reviews that are happening! 
2. I kind of want to make this a thing, let me know if you do this with your family too!
Spoilt child audit '13' 

Get exited folks! Look at all the goodness to review in that photo! We have lush products, perfumes, makeup, alcohol, shower goodies and all the goodness and joy!

Please note, chocolate will not be reviewed as it has been eaten.

So get excited, let people know and stay tuned! 

Lots of love 
Jess xxx

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