Friday, 8 November 2013

Tanning time!

Hey guys!

It is summer time here in NZ, and everyone around me seems to be getting their tan on...
Apart from me and my white English skin. However! I have found an amazing product that is not making me look like an orange oompa lumpa, and instead a tanned goddess! 

Introducing... *drum roll please*,  the 'Dove Summer Glow' nourishing lotion. 

This product has such an amazing smell, and a great feel, you will feel so silky smooth afterwards. 

I really love this product as I have such a big fear of a fake tan gone wrong.

The lotion is a gradual tan, and therefore 'enhances your natural skin tone', No major orange streaks!

You can apply whenever, but it is recommended to apply after a shower. I get impatient waiting for it to soak in, so I hairdryer myself. Handy tip!

Please please please WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER USE. I didnt the first time, and I had orange hands for a while...

Thanks for reading! x

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