Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hair Rollers

Dear Women of the internet. 

You need hair rollers in your life. 

I discovered hair roller whilst on my travels, and I have not looked back since! 
I have longish hair (Its right on my nips), and because I am slightly lazy, my hair would often just be in a messy bun. 

So, rollers are PERFECT. Al you need to do is put them in and go about your normal business! Take them out, and voluminous, amazing hair!

I have two types, the sleep-in ones, and the normal ones. 

I prefer the sleep-in ones. Have a look here

I am not here to do a tutorial, not yet anyways. But just to let you know about the goodness that is rollers.

In Liverpool, girls walking down the street in their pjamas and rollers is considered the norm. And I wish NZ was the same! When I was in the UK, I walked down to Tescos in my rollers, did my shop and wandered back. NO-ONE BATTED AN EYE. I looked like a poodle. Nobody cared!
Few snaps of my rollers - purchased from Primark

Thanks for reading x

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